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Purple Wedding to the Mountains Video

The Love Art Laboratory just posted the video from the Purple Wedding to the Appalachian Mountains. You can view it on their website, or here:

The Purple Wedding to the Appalachian Mountains was produced on 6 November in the Galbreath Chapel at Ohio University. As part of the wedding, I premiered my solo “Re-Membering the Mountains” (which I’ve written about here, and portions of which can be seen in the LAL video). I will be performing iterations of this solo at the Battleground States conference at Bowling Green University the weekend of February 25-26, and again in the OSU Department of Dance Winter Concert March 3-5.

Watching this video I am filled with love and ecosexual enthusiasm. I’m hopefully taking a drive down to Athens next weekend, for various reasons, but with an excitement to be situated once again in that landscape, to be ensconced in the mountains that I married that stretch up into Ohio.

Enjoy the video. Love the mountains and the earth.


inspiration today

I feel the urge to write a “real” post, especially in the wake of “This Season,” the OSU Dance Winter Concert, my piece “About,” and the other work I’ve experienced (last show TONIGHT. If you have an opportunity, I highly recommend it). But it will have to wait. I am off to the Wexner for seven hours to begin work on “Monster Partitur,” about which I am very excited.

Until I write a “real post”, I offer you inspiration for today. These I love:

Alexander McQueen’s ready-to-wear 2009 line:






Images by Anthony Gayton, sent to me by my friend Maungsai. They made him think of my new piece “About”:




And finally, also from Maungsai, a tremendous joy in my week:


Hope you have a truly inspired day!

Premiering a new piece
24 February, 2009, 10:17 am
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I constantly feel the desire to address those who are reading this blog, but in all honesty, I have no idea who that is. I can see from my daily hits that people are coming to these words, I assume they read something while they are here. But without comments, I don’t know who you are.

Which is besides the point.

With the concert less than three weeks away, I felt that I would be remiss if I did not begin to mention the fact that I am premiering a new piece. The piece is entitled “About” and is being included the the OSU Dance Winter Concert. Here are the details:

Thursday, 12 March-Saturday, 14 March
Sullivant Theater
Tickets are $10 general admission, $5 for senior citizens, students, and anyone with a Buck ID

This concert is a presentation of student work, ranging from undergrad to grad, coming out of the OSU Department of Dance.

This new piece of mine is for seven dancers and includes sounds by Pauline Oliveros and Steven Halpern.

I hope to see you there.