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More 60×60
22 September, 2009, 2:09 pm
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Today I received the draft of the program for the 60×60 performance event coming up on 3 October, and I have to say that I got really excited seeing the line up of those participating. It is such an amazing group of artists with such a unique charge for this production. I wanted to offer a few “excerpts” from this unofficial document:

60×60 Dance (2009)

David Morneau,  music coordinator

Amiti Perry, dance director

Shawn Hove, Ohio coordinator

Saturday, October 3, 2009

7:30 & 9:00

Wallstreet Nightclub

144 N. Wall Street

Columbus, Ohio

60×60 was created in 2003 by Robert Voisey

60×60 Dance is produced by Vox Novus and

presented in cooperation with Columbus Movement Movement.

60×60 – 60 works each 60 seconds to create a one hour art performance.

60×60 is a churning wheel of production, performance and dissemination. Representing an aesthetic and geographic diversity of composers, choreographers, and artists, 60×60 is an annual performance project containing 60 works where each piece is 60 seconds in duration. The mission of 60×60 and its presenter, Vox Novus, is to expose contemporary music, modern dance, experimental video, and other contemporary art forms to the largest audience possible. 60×60 combines grassroots ideology with innovative methods of presentation and distribution. Each year the project grows in artistic and distributive scope, with performances across the


The idea—60 new dance pieces are performed to 60 new pieces of music, each lasting no more than 60 seconds—is quite mad. But it’s this kind of madness that makes the cultural world go round…

— Roslyn Sulcas, New York Times, November 17, 2008

Choreographers that I am excited to see on this program:
Amiti Perry, Kristina Isabelle, Susan Van Pelt Petry, PIE (Performance Improvisation Ensemble), Karl Rogers, Noelle Chun, Shawn Hove, Meghan Durham, CoCo Loupe, Jenai Cutcher, Sarah Hixon, Megan Pitcher, Betsy Miller, Maree Remalia, Alexis M. del Sol, Alejandra Jara, Abigail Zbikowski, Yu Xiao, and MANY MANY other names of artists that I don’t know.

Also, here is a facebook event page for the show. Feel free to RSVP and, even more importantly, use this resource to invite more people/spread the word!

Hope to see you there!