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La Luna Incantata
7 December, 2008, 12:03 pm
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A friend posted this video on her blog yesterday, and I was completely undone by it.

I felt like it addresses so much of what I am reading and writing and thinking about right now, not to mention the dances that I have been presenting recently. As I think I have mentioned, I am writing a paper on the effects of Nijinsky and Nijinska on the presentation and perception of gender in the early 20th century ballet. This dance reminded me so much of Nijinska’s Les Biches which did not survive (we do not have the choreography, although there have been reconstructions). Les Biches is full of characters, the Garconne (the mannish woman), the Hostess (who is dressed as a man), the Girl in Blue, the Girls in Gray (a sapphist set), the Men (who are full of bravado, and themselves), etc. This dance evoked all of that for me. It’s a nice juxtaposition to flow from Nijinska into this piece by Fabrizio Monteverde.

I am also thinking about choreographing a new piece for the spring, a duet examining erotic desire and inverting the “gaze,” perhaps even framing this exploration in the structure of a classical pas de deux. It may become a trio as well. . . I am interested in exploring the layers of watching and voyeurism and the implication of power through the process of watching. Perhaps there might even be room in the piece to not only explore this concept choreographically, but also structurally, raising questions about the audience/performer relationship. What does it mean that the dancers are watched by the audience? Is there the same implications of power when one puts oneself on display?

Anyway, this video dance not only addresses almost all of those subjects, but also functions as a stunning film. Incredibly well done and inspiring on this Sunday morning. I hope you take five minutes to watch it. And remember, there are videos of Nijinska’s Les Noches in my previous post, and even though it is around 25 minutes, I think it is well worth your time.