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penetrating and permeating
15 June, 2010, 9:17 pm
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This past spring quarter I had the delight to participate in Maree ReMalia’s most recent process work, “Penetrating and Permeating.” You can read more about this piece process here. Tessa Anton shot some sensational images of the piece during its performance. The following are some dabblings of mine working with a few of those images:

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amazing, is this your foray into illustrator, made me smile big!

Comment by Maree ReMalia

you know, the real tragedy maybe is that after spending six hours with illustrator, I made all of these in photoshop. but illustrator helped me . . . think differently? I still want to get more savvy with it, but it helped me realize more possibilities in photoshop.
glad you smiled!

Comment by morrismichaelj

I liked numbers three and four (counting from the top) as far as composition. Although in number four I would probably have chosen the text color from five, but this may only be because I overdosed on teal in the seventh grade.

Comment by Mara

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