michael j. morris

Navigating Multiple Constellations
20 May, 2010, 5:24 pm
Filed under: creative process, research

I feel like I am in need of scribbling out a list of the ideas that are swirling and flashing in my attention right now . . . a kind of catharsis so that I can hopefully focus a bit more on the work at hand:

At hand is the first draft of a paper on Sexecology and Eco-Sexuality (re: Love Art Laboratory). I am trying to find a manageable scope in its situation amidst ecology, queer ecology, sexology, sex-positivity, ecofeminist philosophy, queer ecofeminism, continuum consciousness psychology, embodied cognition/theories of embodiment/perception, Tantric philosophy, speech act theory, eroticism, and desire.

Other ideas that keep spinning up:

-pornography as documentation of human sexual behavior; there are already producers of docu-porns (Annie Sprinkle, Madison Young, etc.), but what are the possibilities for an ethnographic pornography, specifically bringing visibility to alternative and queer sexualities that might subvert the normative perceptions of sexuality, sex, gender, and identity?

-a new choreography exploring the extension of corporeal morphology, sexual identity, and sexual practice into prosthetic elements (I’m thinking about strap-on dildos), the prosthetic elements emphasizing both the constructed nature and validity of sex, gender, sexuality, intercourse, etc. I think this piece might also involve eco-sexual acts with trees. There might be a shift of environment from indoors to out-of-doors, playing with the role of the perceptual reciprocity between human subject and other-than-human environment, perhaps even the merging of these dyads via the circulation of perception/consciousness.

-The gendered symbology in Labanoation. There’s a paper there, maybe.

-Labanotation as an intersubjective space; the dance as mutually definitive of/by multiple subjects and artifacts.

-A comparative analysis of the perspective of the body in Laban’s early writings and in early Butoh, and how those perspectives of the body are then reiterated/represented in the systems of notation that correspond to each.

And others. But now back to work . . .


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