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27 February, 2010, 8:21 pm
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For next weeks class meeting of “History and Theory of Postmodern/Contemporary Dance,” on a day specifically looking at the postmodern turn in visual culture and representation, coming out of a week looking at gender theories in dance, we have been asked to bring in four images of (dancing) bodies:
1. Normatized/Reified
2. Transgressive
3. Beautiful
4. Interesting

These are my selections as of now:

"Normatized/Reified Bodies" (taken from Pina Bausch)

"Transgressive" (from Catherine Opie's "Pervert")

"Beautiful" (Ko Murobushi)

"Interesting" (Jiz Lee)

I am least comfortable with the last category. “Interesting” risks a connotation of objectification, that this person is simply of interest to me. To be clear, I find Jiz Lee sexy, beautiful, and transgressive in the extreme (all in positive ways), but it is this image in particular, the challenge to resolve the apparent disparity between the exposed breast and the humongous cock, the provocation of the direct gaze, etc.

My mind is swimming amidst readings about intertextuality, choreology, phenomenology, Rudolf von Laban, Choreutics, performativity, Trio A and Yvonne Rainer, etc. Selecting these images offered a necessary reprieve from the reading and writing.


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