michael j. morris

4 February, 2010, 2:53 pm
Filed under: research

These lists may not be helpful. But it’s nice for me to keep a running record. The list may or may not be hierarchical:

1. Write “Sexecology/Ecosexuality/Love Art Lab” paper(s); this involves extensive reading in Eco-Feminism/Eco-Feminist Philosophy, Queer Ecology, theories of consciousness (continuum of consciousness, embodied cognition, etc.), Judith Butler (Bodies That Matter: The Discursive Limits of “Sex”), and sex-positivity

2. Learn Trio A from Labanotation score; write about Trio A, the doing-ness of it, and how this is reinforced through the medium of notation; potentially present paper while dancing Trio A, in homage to M. Candace Feck

3. Choreograph solo entitled “From Alignment Annotation Across 17 Bodies,” using the Alignment Annotations videos from Synchronous Objects as a score for the choreography; this may involve writing a Motif Description score of the video annotations

4. Revise/Expand paper “An Analysis of Embodiment in Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced” for publication . . . one day.

5. Read/Learn/Dance/Perform (?) Anna Sokolow’s “The Pond, The Cage” from Labanotation Score (and how might this relate to a Butoh aesthetic)

6. Develop theory of body-space (the unity of body and space, self+environment; this may be connected to the Love Art Laboratory concept of “Sexecology”), potentially drawing from the writings/theories of Rudolf von Laban

7. Explore what it may mean to practice dancing said body-space, rather than the body in space

8. Reinvest in Butoh practice

9. Analyze video footage of “Autumn Quartet” for patterns/emergent data

10. Continue to explore themes that emerged from or initiated “Autumn Quartet”: the integration of life and art, relationships as art/art as relationships, the interplay between intimacy, sexuality, and violence, power dynamics, agency, determinacy/indeterminacy

11. Performance piece in homage to “Cuddle” (Love Art Laboratory) at U.Turn Art Space in Cincinnati in April

12. Intermediate Labanotation Certification


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