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Tag Cloud Reflection:
31 March, 2009, 7:57 am
Filed under: creative process

Yesterday I was talking to Bill Forsythe about this blog and its potential to serve as a creative platform. Part of the way it has done so is by making connections, or more accurately, providing a space in which I can make connections between “disparate” ideas about which I have been thinking and writing. This comes most readily from my tag cloud (to the left). The larger words are those subjects about which I have written the most. I am always interested in the dialogues they might provide.

Today I see:






I am curious how these different ideas, coming out of my thoughts and writing, organized alphabetically and by frequency, might synthesize new ideas. What was the relationship of gender to my recent work “About”? I have already explored the connections I have made between “Monster Partitur” and Meredith Monk, but what connections might then be made to Nijinska and possibly the New York Times? OSU is adrift between all of these . . . if I see OSU as a potential space, how do these other islands of ideas find expression in that space? What research is being done surrounding same-sex marriages and sexuality, and how might those ideas come into my own research, or inform my own sensibilities surrounding sexuality? The connections between William Forsythe and the Wexner seem fairly transparent; they have been the subject of many posts at this point. But if I stand a bit farther back, what might I explore in the way of the work of a dance artist finding exhibition in a museum space, blurring the lines of performance and object (this relates precisely with the course I took last quarter with Michael Mercil and Ann Hamilton)? What might occur to me about the uniqueness of where I attend grad school, next door to the Wexner, with work and visits by William Forsythe?

I hope I find/make time to explore some of this islands of thought. In the mean time, I hope they give you something to think on.


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