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Another question of gender expression: What Women Wear
12 March, 2009, 9:17 am
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When I first came across this article, I almost rolled my eyes. “Lesbian Sues for Right to Wear a Tux.” But then I realized, it’s a real situation. There is a school in Indiana that has told a student that she is not allowed to wear a tuxedo to prom, that men wear tuxedos and women wear formal dresses. And now the student and the ACLU are suing the school system. It seems like such a menial thing over which to bring a law suit until I pause and recognize that there are still governmental mandates (being issued from this public institution) concerning the expression of gender. This is the country in which we still live.
Men wear tuxedos.
Women wear formals dresses.

Here in 1950, I though we were moving past that.
Or was it the 1930s.


Katharine Hepburn


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Great way of bringing this up. It’s too easy to not notice these things and I’m glad you made a point of this situation.

Comment by Tash

Thank you for putting light on this subject. Small little thing that you will probably forget and never care about, but I want to tell you anyway. My mother, though a jerk in high school, went to her senior prom in a tux. She wasn’t a lesbian, or a bisexual, just a girl who’s fashion was way ahead of her time. And no one stopped her. and now I am online looking for women’s tuxedos, and I ran across this page. Gotta say, it’s impossible to find one. But I am doing the same as my mom, wearing a tux to prom. 🙂

Comment by Shelby Wood

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