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what inspires me today
13 January, 2009, 10:15 am
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I have been caught by surprise by several inspirational moments/images/experiences the last several days. I thought I would share some of those inspirations with you:

-yesterday I was leaving Sulivant Hall and walking towards Hopkins Hall around 5pm. The ground was covered in white snow, and light was fading, and the Oval (the large central ground between many buildings on OSU campus) was full of people crossing it. Probably  fifty or so people, all on their own path, walking through this space. And it was constantly replenished as well. A constant flow of people moving through this massive space. I was awe struck. It was almost overwhelming to perceive the constantly shifting spaces between each person with every other person, the negotiation and balancing of the space that was taking place completely unconsciously by these crowds of people. It was beautiful.

I saw an amazing piece at Hopkins Gallery by Joshua Penrose, a brilliant artist in the OSU Art and Technologies graduate program. I will likely not explain the piece perfectly, but the essence of it was large glass jugs filled with honey being fermented with living yeast. On the necks of the jugs was a mechanism/sensor connected to a computer (out of sight) and speakers which served as the pedestals for the glass jugs). As the honey fermented and gas was produced, the sensors registered this, and the program/speakers produced a musical tone. I could not hope to explain how all of this worked, the complexity of information that was being translated from the yeast into musical tones, but it was truly moving. He was giving new expressive opportunity to these microscopic organisms, they were there in the gallery, going about their lives, and participating in the production of a sound scape. I was tripping as how beautiful it was, visually, aurally, and conceptually. Here is an image of a previous installation of this piece:



Yesterday I also came across these beautiful photographs by Laurent Ziegler. They are of Ko Murobushi, and they really work for my aesthetic right now:





I hope you are inspired today.






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Yes, I am inspired, thank you very much. Love, Mara

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