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5 November, 2008, 1:27 pm
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I made this collage in photoshop for my technologies class. it reflect how I’m feeling today:




Proposition 8: Ahead 52% to 48% with 95.4% of precincts reporting, the Los Angeles Times reports this morning. The measure to ban same-sex marriage in California has collected 5,163,908 votes so far, with 4,760,336 votes cast against it.

Amendment 2: Florida constitutionally banned any institution approximating marriage with 62% of the vote

Proposition 102: Arizona constitutionally banned same-sex marriage

Measure 1: Arkansas constitutionally banned any single person (including all gay and lesbian couples who are legally prohibited from marrying) from adopting children by a 57-43% vote

[stats from www.advocate.com]

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I just looked at this image a year after I created it . . . it makes me feel many things. A nostalgia for last autumn. I can still feel the rage that was essential in the production of this image. A dissatisfaction with the state of equality in this country. But I don’t really have the time to reflect on any of those things.

What struck me is that apparently in my rage I didn’t cite my source material (last year). The primary image of this piece comes from a Catherine Opie photograph, supported by an image by Francois Rousseau, and the “NO” text from a drawing by Matt Morris.


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